Application for Admission

How To Apply

Make sure to have the following information ready before starting the application process:

  • Read the financial policy above and decide the tuition fee you will use: (Six month, One year, Six month recurring or One year recurring)
  • Full name, address, phone number, email and Social Security Number of Applicant.
  • Full name, address and phone number of 2 emergency contacts.
  • If single and under the age of 21, Full names and address of parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • Full name, address of your Pastor or another minster of your church who knows you well and to whom you can give a reference form.
  • Full name, address and phone number of 2 Christian friends (at least 18 years of age) who have known you for at least one year and to whom you can give reference forms.
  • Name, address and phone number of your most recent employer (If applicable)
  • Be prepare to write a short personal history concerning you’re Family, Childhood and Conversion Experience.
  • Names, dates and diplomas or degrees of colleges or universities you have attended. (If applicable)
  • Medical conditions you have and/or medications you are taking.
  • Applicants must submit proof of medical records for current physical administered within the last month in order to be considered for acceptance.
    *note: Failure to provide medical records for physical will result in an incomplete application and the applicant’s process will be restricted until records are obtained.
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT MAIL IN APPLICATIONS. You must apply online.
  • Have a credit card ready to pay the $25.00 USD nonrefundable application fee.
Enrollment Policies
  • Age: 18 to 35 years of age.
  • Single
  • 6 months to 1 year commitment
  • Holiday: Christmas Vacation - 1 week
  • Dress code strictly enforced.
  • Dating: No dating – Expectation is total focus and spiritual commitment to the Training Program.
  • Round Trip Ticket
  • Medical Insurance : Personal or Group Programs
  • Financial Obligation Non-refundable and Non-transferable.
Financial Policy

Please take a look at this years utc

Financial Policy

Application Fee:

Application Fee: $ 25.00 USD (non-refundable) New Students Only This fee is charged one time only for each student upon application for admission. This fee covers entrance testing and processing of the application. Application fee is due upon submission of application.

All finances must be completed as scheduled. Students not current in tuition payments will be unable to participate in their respective graduations. Accounts must be paid in full before diplomas or transcripts to V.E.T.I. are issued.

We only accept credit card online payments.

If for some reason a parent or student deems it necessary to withdraw from the UTC, a two week notification in writing is required. In the case of early withdrawal, transfer, or expulsion, there will be no refunds of tuition paid. All payments must be made by the due date (see tuition schedule). There are no exceptions to this rule. By signing the Application Form, if tuition has not been received by the due date and the student is enrolled at the UTC, parents and students are authorizing the school to automatically withdraw the tuition due on the 30th day of the prior month of each new semester (see tuition schedule).

Dismissal will result if the individual fails to come under the authority of the Pastor, Director, or immediate overseer; promiscuous conduct, failure to comply with the Victory Outreach Urban Training Center guidelines and policies; and not meeting timely financial obligations. If dismissed, all monies received by the Victory Outreach Urban Training Center will be forfeited.

For citizens and residents of South Africa only. UTC format to apply to South Africa in Eniglsh

Para ciudadanos y residentes de México solamente. Formato para aplicar a UTC Mexico en español

Si usted es de nacionalidad mexicana y vive y tiene su domicilio permanente en México, y desea aplicar al UTC en Mexico, presione el siguiente botón. Si usted vive fuera de Mexico y desea asistir utilice la aplicación en inglés.